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Here at Medway Landscapes we pride ourselves on being able to offer quality advice to all our customers. We've provided an easy step-by-step guide to laying your new lawn with our top grade turf below. If you would like any more advice or have any questions call us today on 01634 388 899.

How to lay turf: 7 steps to laying your new lawn

1. Clear the ground, removing ALL the old grass.

2. Rotavate or dig over the ground breaking up the soil, raking away stones, weeds and plant roots.

3. If you require extra top soil, we recommend laying our nutrient rich sandyloam topsoil from Medway Landscapes.

4. Level the ground, pack down the earth and then rake to leave it even.

5. Use a long board to stand on whilst laying your Medway Landscapes turf.  Lay each piece as if you were building a wall of bricks (where each adjacent piece of turf is staggered).

6. Immediately saturate your turf with water and then water it daily for 2-3 weeks or until it is well rooted. Don't rely on rainfall as it is rarely adequate.

7. When first mowing your lawn after 2-3 weeks, be careful not to cut it too short.

Medway Landscapes top turf laying tips:

• Please don't count fence panels or guess the size of the area, as this is not an accurate measurement.

• Be aware if you are laying turf in an irregular shaped area, you will end up cutting a lot of turf off the rolls.  To prevent running out of turf half way through, order extra rolls and try to re-use the cut offs.

• Do not leave turf rolled up in warm weather, as it will go yellow and rot. Watering it will accelerate this process.

• When laying soil and turf adjacent to a path, lay the soil to the same height as the path and turf on top as it will settle.

• If your turf starts shrinking soon after it is laid, it's a simple case of not enough water.  Give it a good soak.

• Try not to walk on your newly laid lawn for as long as you can, Medway Landscapes suggest between 2-3 weeks to prevent sunken footprints.

Turf laying tips to get your garden looking beautiful

For more advice and turf laying tips, don't hesitate to call the experts at Medway Landscapes on

01634 388 899

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